Dr. Andreas Rumpfhuber is an architect, researcher and theoretician based in Vienna, Austria. He is interested in interior spaces and their social, programmatic, cultural, political, and symbolic organization; immaterial labour and its spatial (re-)organization since WW2; commodification of space through managerial discourses; cybernetics and architecture; design methodologies.

Andreas is the founder and principal of Expanded Design, an office for design/research in Vienna, Austria that focuses on spatial and organizational strategies that accomodate innovation through design-based
research; he is the principal investigator of the EU-funded heranet.info research project, SCIBE – Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment, together with Jeremy Till (University of Westminster, London) and Christian
Hermansen (AHO, Oslo), and project leader of the Austrian Science Foundation-funded (fwf.ac.at) research project, Architecture of Cybernetics of Organization, about management consultants Eberhard und Wolfgang Schnelle, their cybernetically inspired design method, and the invention of office landscaping in the 1950s in Germany.


Andreas was a member of the researchers' and artists' collective, roundtable.kein.org, at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College in London. He received a Ph.D. stipend (2005-2008) for the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, in Copenhagen. His Ph.D. dissertation, Architecture of Immaterial Labour, was supervised by architectural theoretican Henrik Oxvig (Copenhagen) and philosopher Juliane Rebentisch (Frankfurt/Main). A reworked manuscript of the Ph.D. will be published in fall 2012 by Turia & Kant Publishers in Vienna.


Andreas Rumpfhuber studied architecture at TU Graz (1991-99), the Bartlett School of Architecture (1995-96), and SCI ARC (1999). He graduated with distinction in 1999 from TU Graz under Prof. Joost Meuwissen and Prof. Hans Kuppelwieser.

Andreas has been a lecturer and teacher since 2001 at TU Vienna, TU Graz, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Goldsmiths College, Architectural Association, London, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture (Dept. 11 Design), amongst others. He curated (a.o.) the Schindler Lecture series (2004-2007) at the Austrian Society of Architecture (www.oegfa.at) and the Ph.D. conference, Politics of Designing, at the Danish Doctoral Schools of Architecture & Design. He has been publishing scholarly texts and criticism for publications including Springerin – Hefte zur Gegenwartskunst, dérive, Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung, domus, bauwelt, UmBau, and Arkitekten.